Miami Vice, Art Basel and now a Tech Hub

Miami has come a long way since the 80s. Thanks to Miami Vice, the ever popular TV show, the city became known for drug lords, men in tight white jeans and cigarette boats. In the past 10 years it has had a rebirth, many would say thanks to Art Basel Miami Beach and the focus that […]

Our latest business venture: When the right partner is the ideal partner – Rethinking coupons in LatAm

I am excited to announce our latest business venture: we have partnered with Cuponidad for its launch in Venezuela.  Cuponidad will now offer Venezuelan consumers a place to purchase services, products and travel packages at a huge discount. This is just one of what we hope will be many launches throughout Latin America. Cuponidad, which […]

Top Latin American Brands by BrandZ

I recently attended the presentation of Top Latin American Brands by the talented Sir Marten Sorrell, Chief Executive of WPP, and the team of Millward Brown. Through an algorithm of their own they have come up with a way of identifying the top brands in the world. They do this by using very careful metrics and a unique methodology of taking […]

Change will never be this slow again

I have just finished Hyper Island’s Master Class in NYC.   I invited Miguel Dvorak, our COO, for the three day intensive course on digital media.   As we are developing a very strong digital strategy at Cisneros I felt that I needed to find a place where I could learn about the bigger idea behind “Digital.” […]

Geeks on a Plane Miami Send-Off

While in Miami last week, I participated in the send-off party for the Geeks on a Plane Latin America Tour. I was one of three panelists invited to talk to this group of about 40 entrepreneurs the night before they set off on a 10-day tour to Mexico City, Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires.  Geeks […]

Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities for Business Development

Read the latest interview I gave on VC in LatAM. Adriana Cisneros – Roundtable Discussion on Innovation and VC/PE Development in Latin America

Demo Day: Digital Accelerator 21.212

On March 16th the digital accelerator 21212 had its first demo day in Rio. I had the honor of mentoring three of the companies that presented – Simpply, Ainda Tem and iTrip.  The event was a great success not just because of the quality of companies that we put forward but also because of the […]

From TV to iPad, the revolution of content consumption

Recently I did an interview with “Revista G” from Gestión, the most important business newspaper in Peru, to talk about how media consumption is changing and the role that social media and technology devices play in the way that people discover and consume media content. I think, as content producers, we have to adopt a different […]

Diego Cisneros, a model of a dreamer

My grandfather is the best example of how success can come from a small idea and big dreams; he started his with an ice cream machine and great enthusiasm. From him, I learned to dream, to believe, to act, to adapt the business to the new context of the industry, in order to respond efficiently […]

Getting to and beyond the ‘eureka moment’

Another theme I talked about in my interview with Emi Kolawole, from The Washington Post, was the importance of get to and beyond the “eureka moment”. Everyone can have a “eureka moment”, it is that instant when you come up with an innovative and bright idea. Ideas came from anywhere, but the real challenge is to […]