Honoring the Legacy of Gustavo Cisneros: Challenges are Our Business – New Book

Photo Credit: Spencer Kelly

On December 29, 2023, my father, Gustavo Cisneros, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 78. Many called him a visionary for his ability to see opportunities where others saw none. He embraced risks with relentless curiosity and a rigorous approach, often turning the impossible into reality.

But what truly defined my father was his insatiable curiosity, a trait passed down from his father and one he nurtured in his children and grandchildren. He was fascinated by people who excelled in their fields, engaging with everyone whatever their profession — with genuine interest and respect.

Books were his primary fuel for curiosity. A voracious reader, he always had a stack of books in both English and Spanish by his side. He read them all, absorbing knowledge like a sponge.

My father also loved walking, treating it as an exploration of ideas. He would observe and ask questions, turning a simple stroll into an enlightening experience. His curiosity extended to every aspect of life, from business trends in a Brazilian mall to the quiet beauty of a beach house.

Despite his busy schedule, he made time for us, his family. Whether through extraordinary adventures in the Amazonas or quiet, distraction-free days in the mountains, he ensured we felt engaged and loved. He was a father, a teacher, and a mentor, always finding ways to connect and impart wisdom.

As I reflect on his life and the incredible journey he led, I am reminded of his dedication to planning and purpose. While he was in his prime, he prepared me to succeed him, ensuring a smooth transition and continued success for our family business. Our relationship evolved beautifully, and I am grateful for the bond we shared.

Over the last two years of his life, he worked tirelessly on his book to record the valuable lessons he learned from his father, his experience at the helm of our business over many decades, and his wishes for the future as he passed the leadership baton over to me. Just weeks before passing, he approved the last details of his book CHALLENGES are OUR BUSINESS/LOS RETOS son NUESTRO NEGOCIO, which available from Planeta and Amazon in Spanish and English.

Now that he is no longer with us, his lessons are all the more valuable. I am so grateful that he took the time to share his wisdom with future generations, and hope that you too can find inspiration in his words and ideas.

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