32 hours in Rio

In the spirit of entrepreneur week I want to tell you about my latest trip to Brazil. I was there for 21212’s Demo Day where the 10 companies from the most recent incubation cycle presented. (See Demo Day website to read about each one!).

Adriana Cisneros

Adriana during her presentation


Adriana Cisneros with Victor Campos and Diego Alvarez from Easyaula


Adriana Cisneros with Frederico Camara and Andre Moniz from WeGoOut

I also had the opportunity to present a set of opening remarks at the event. I spoke about the momentum we are experiencing in Latin America, the fact that we have a growing middle class coming of age during the digital revolution, and that Brazil is not the only success story in LatAm anymore. Peru, Colombia, Chile and even Argentina with its shaky politics, are doing extremely well and contributing in an important way to the success of our region. I also talked about mentorship and what a great experience it has been for me. Mentorship is a core element at 21212. Each startup gets assigned a pair of mentors to help them work through big problems. In my case, however, I can say that I learned as much from my mentees and from the 21212 team as they might have from me.

Frederico Lacerda

Frederico Lacerda, Partner at 21212 Digital Accelerator

Benjamin White and Marcelo Sales

Benjamin White and Marcelo Sales, Partners at 21212 Digital Accelerator


Leroy, the 21212 intern

Davis Smith, successful serial entrepreneur, was also there.  He gave a talk about his experience launching in Brazil 2 years ago. His site is like in the US. He walked us through how his company had evolved and grown in such a short period of time and further evidenced that the time of ecommerce in LatAm has finally arrived.

I love being a part of 21212 and can’t wait for the next Demo Day. Every businessman in Latin America should support initiatives like this one, as they are the best way to support entrepreneurship in our region.

The Guardian

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