A global perspective with a personal voice

Hi! I’m Adriana Cisneros, the CEO of Cisneros and President of Fundación Cisneros. Carrying on my grandfather and father’s legacy, I’m steering Cisneros through the complexities of today’s fast-paced, tech-driven world. Being a part of the media landscape all my life, I’m a firm believer in the unifying power of new technologies.

So, in line with our company’s 90+year journey, I’ve started this blog as a space to connect with you. Here, we’ll exchange ideas, experiences, and tackle challenges, not just about communication but also my take on Latin America and how we can shape it into the powerhouse we all envision.

A key lesson from my family is the value of corporate and social responsibility. I believe one of the best ways to embrace this is by sparking discussions, encouraging a critical viewpoint on current events, and inspiring young leaders to actively shape our region’s future.

Thanks for joining me here!