The first 100 days as CEO

I never thought 100 days would go by so fast. I feel like I hit the ground running and haven’t quite slowed down. Looking back at what we have been able to accomplish, the challenges we have faced and the opportunities that we have identified it’s no wonder I feel like I have been on a long distance race since September.


Becoming CEO has not been easy. I have had to change the way I work, think and communicate with my team. When I was the Director of Strategy my main job was to think about where I wanted to take our company and come up with ideas of how to get us there. I traveled the region looking for trends in the market and identifying opportunities. Now as CEO it’s all about execution. The progression from one job to the other has been strategic and exciting. I am putting into action all the ideas and plans I have designed and am steering our company in the direction that I want to take it. The results are now beginning to show promise.

However, all excitement aside, as I settled into my new position I realized I would have to implement a lot of changes in the way we work if we wanted to be successful going forward. In search of leaner and more effective structures we have had to let go of great people, many of whom have been with our company for decades and who were key players in our company’s history and success. The human side of driving change, letting go of people I respect and admire, has been tremendously hard.

Since September we have launched three new business units: Cisneros Interactive, Cisneros Media and Cisneros Real Estate. We have three talented executives leading the charge, Victor Kong, Jonathan Blum and Patrick Freeman who now play key roles in the growth of our business. It has been exciting for me to see the next generation of executives at Cisneros make it up the ranks.


While it’s been extremely exciting to be growing our business in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and the Dominican Republic, we continue to be 100% committed to Venezuela, our country of origin where my grandfather started our business 85 years ago.

The week that we moved to Miami from NYC was also the week I was asked to launch Endeavor Miami alongside Daniel Echavarria. Today we have a great board in place and a remarkable Managing Director. We have completed our first Local Selection Panel and have our first set of Endeavor entrepreneurs! Through Endeavor and YPO’s Americas Gateway chapter I have come to know a community of dedicated, brilliant and energetic people that are determined to make Miami the best place to live and work in America!

I am grateful and humbled by the support I have received from my colleagues. I have a team of wise men behind me helping me be as good as I can at my job. There’s a new pillow in my office that says “behind every successful CEO there is a team of people that made it possible.”

Little Bits

I discovered Little Bits on a Sunday morning last summer at NYU’s annual science fair. These kits of electronic “bits” are designed to teach children how to build their first circuits. My two children ages 5 and 6 can now build circuits with multiple components that make noise, blow wind, spin and light up. This is our new favorite weekend past time.

Little Bits - A little bit of geeky fun