Social Impact



Como todos los años, el pasado 9 de octubre el certamen de Miss Venezuela sirvió de escenario para la sensibilización ante una causa social.

The Venezuelan Woman: A historic example

International Women’s day was established in the nineteenth century as a way of recognizing the role of women during the peak of the global industrialization era. It has also been characterized by a diverse range of ideologies.

Novelas and Social Merchandising

A few days ago we invited The Nature Conservancy to advise the writers, production team and cast of one of our current drama productions, “Corazón Esmeralda,” whose ecological context provides an excellent platform to raise awareness of the audience about the impact that our actions and daily habits have on the environment.

E-lite Education – Disrupting the Standard Educational Models

While attending the Internet Cowboys Unconference in Jackson, Wyoming – a gathering of some of the greatest minds in the technology world – I noticed that the evolution of educational models was the hot topic of discussion. I was fascinated to be part of that discussion and what follows are some insights.

Philanthropy is the daughter of a mother called democracy and a father called capitalism

I have just returned from Washington, DC, where I attended the 2012 Global Philanthropy Forum. The conference was particularly interesting to me since it addressed fields that I am deeply involved in – our foundational work through the Fundación Cisneros, CSR at our companies and my own personal philanthropy.

Making a positive impact in society, a goal shared with Henry Street Settlement

On April 3rd I was honored by the Henry Street Settlement during its annual gala recognizing people that have contributed to the wellbeing of their community. It was a humbling experience to have been honored by an institution that has done so much for the Hispanic community in New York City.

A great way to start the year

El Guaco is the tenth school that we have helped rebuild through the Fundación Tropicalia. Three years ago, as we began the planning work for Tropicalia, a low density, high end, sustainable resort that my family is developing in the area, we realized that there was a lot of work to be done with the community if we wanted it to become an integral part of the project.

Beauty with a social purpose

I was very excited last Sunday when I heard that Ivián Sarcos “Miss Venezuela 2011” had been crowned Miss World 2011, an honor for Venezuela and its beautiful women. With this victory, Venezuela now holds six titles from the Miss World and Miss Universe Pagents; something we can all be proud of!