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On Change

There are many advantages to having talent commit long-term.

Bringing Space Down to Earth

On a recent trip to Boston, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Prof. Paulo Lozano who teaches aeronautics and astronautics, (“the Space Program”) at MIT.

The first 100 days as CEO

I never thought 100 days would go by so fast. I feel like I hit the ground running and haven’t quite slowed down. Looking back at what we have been able to accomplish, the challenges we have faced and the opportunities that we have identified it’s no wonder I feel like I have been on a long distance race since September.

One plus one equals three

A few years ago, I was approached by IESA, Venezuela’s leading business school asking to write a case on the Miss Venezuela Organization, a franchise we have owned for over 30 years.

On becoming CEO

The hardest part of my job will be to grow the company at the rate that my father did. His success is due in part to his extraordinary ability to project the outcome of a deal extremely early, and in part due to his 30 year partnership with Steven Bandel, our company’s current CEO.

Digital Media and Hispanics: The Stars of Upfront Season

Earlier this month New York City hosted the large television networks’ Upfronts. These events, which are customarily held during the end of sweeps period, are important advertising sales events held by television network executives, introducing their primetime schedules and new programming to the press and advertisers.

Gotham 50: The New Yorkers who are revitalizing Gotham’s rich showbiz legacy

The weekly trade magazine, Variety, recently published “The Gotham 50”, a list of the most influential New Yorkers who are revitalizing showbiz today.

Notes from the MIPCOM Conference in Cannes

Monday, October 8th marked the beginning of the MIPCOM conference in Cannes, which will wrap up on Friday the 12th. It is encouraging to see the audiovisual industry continuing to be strong, commercial deals being conducted between countries and organizations worldwide, and how the media industry, continues to prove that it does not deserve the stigma of being traditional or outdated.

Cisneros’ Latest Digital Venture – Kontextua

We are excited to announce our latest digital advertising venture with the recent acquisition of Kontextua. The online advertising company, with an already expansive network in Latin America and Spain, will become the newest part of RedMas. Read more about this latest venture…

The Hispanic market in the digital age

The Interactive Team and I attended the 2nd annual Google Hispanic Marketing conference in NYC. The event attracted people and companies like ours that are the developing digital products targeted to the underserved US Hispanic Market. Victor Kong, Rafael Garcia, Jorge Rincon and I got a lot out of this event and wanted to share some insights with you.